Pill Mill 2021 Refurbishment Project

Exciting news!  We are currently seeking funding to try and complete some much needed refurbishment works to improve the facilities within the Centre and to help to ensure that we can remain sustainable well into the future.

We were really lucky in 2015 when some parts of the Centre were upgraded as part of the Welsh Government Vibrant and Viable Places scheme, however, the other parts of the Centre that were not included in the 2015 works are really in need of some TLC!

We keep the building well maintained and carry out regular redecoration jobs but some of the works that are needed now are well outside our budget and as things deteriorate then maintenance costs increase.

We are hoping to obtain funding to complete the following works:

* Refurbishment of the Sports Hall - including flooring and lighting

* Refurbishment of toilet areas

* Refurbishment of the Ron Jones Suite - including flooring, lighting and ceiling

* Redecoration of the Alex Suite

* New double glazed windows and fire exit doors on the ground floor

* New showers in our changing rooms

* Replacement radiators throughout the ground floor

* Replacement LED light fittings

We have been very fortunate to have been awarded £50,000 towards the total refurbishment costs from the Pill Unity Invest Local programme.  We are now actively seeking the additional funds needed for the project.

Watch this space and we will keep you updated of our progress.